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I remember when I was in second grade we had to do a project about a president. I picked Calvin Coolidge, mostly because at the time my grandparents lived in Vermont (he’s from there), and no one even knew who he was (I didn’t fight anyone for his pick). My grandparents shipped me some postcards from his homestead, a bunch of brochure information, and directed me to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Yes, back then we didn’t use the Internet for our research, we had to pour over books and take handwritten notes. Tedious, but somehow I think I learned a lot more that way then just pulling up a Wiki page. Just saying.

Anyway, I rocked the report. And I’m only think about this because today is Presidents Day. A day that most people have off and don’t even think twice about what it really is. However, I think that is the same for other holidays. We just don’t think about why we’re supposed to be celebrating them anymore.

Case in point: Presidents Day is a huge sale day. And I mean HUGE. Car dealerships wait for this weekend to run funny ads, stores drop prices, and online shopping has taken hold of it, too. I’m not complaining about the sales at all. I’ve even been addicted to the sales that are going on right now. Huge blowout sale with items under $10 for the kitchen. Check it out. Click here and you’ll get another $15 off your first order of $30.


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