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Best Night Light Options For Toddlers

We have recently learned that toddlers do not, in fact, like the dark. Who knew?

Ok, for real though. We know we are not the only one struggling with littles who won’t stay in their beds. Sure, you can use wall plug ins, but we’ve found that’s not quite enough for our kiddos.

Here’s what we’ve found works for us.

  1. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars: A nostalgic pick for many parents. Stick them to the ceiling, and give your child a mesmerizing starry experience every night.
  2. Squishy Touch Lamps for Kids: Great for children who like being in charge. We really love the squishy ones because our littlest likes to take it into bed with them. The USB charged ones we find are the best and we don’t have to waste batteries.
  3. Year-Round Christmas Lights: This one was because my bonus child was having trouble at night when she was six. We had some Christmas lights laying around after the holidays and she’s kept them up since.
  4. Bedtime Projector Nightlights: This is one of our favorites to calm down at night. We usually grab some blankets and pillows, lay down and put one of these on. We really like this one that you can play music with: Projector NightLight.

Seeing our kids in distress is never easy. So I hope some of these options help!

Bedtime Projector Nightlight

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