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It’s officially cold. My flipflops are put away and I’m wearing a jacket every morning, which, if you know me, means it is cold out. It also means, it’s time for us to put away the fall books and refresh our nighttime book stack for stories about snowflakes, snowmen, and snuggly animals.

  1. The Snowy Day (Ezra Jack Keats): This timeless classic captures the simple joys of a snowy day. The beautiful illustrations and gentle storyline make it a perfect read for little ones discovering the wonders of winter.
  2. Bunny Slopes (Claudia Rueda): We love this book because it’s interactive. You can shake, tap, and turn the book to follow the storyline. There’s also a few other books in this series, but this is our pick for winter.
  3. Ten on the Sled (Kim Norman): This one is super cute and a great way to work on numbers as ten friends tumble off teh sled one by one. Lots of rhyming makes it a fun read.
  4. Walking in a Winter Wonderland (Based on the song by Felix Bernard and Richard B. Smith, Illustrated by Tim Hopgood): The illustrations in this one are gorgeous and a really beautiful way to bring this song to life.
  5. Little Owl’s Snow (Divya Srinivasan): This guy is so cute. Little Owl experiences his first snowfall and all the curious wonders that come with it. This book is great for teaching about the changing seasons and the beauty of nature in winter.
  6. Bear Snores On (Karma Wilson): In this charming story, Bear sleeps through a party in his den. Various animals gather, enjoying food and company while Bear snores on. It’s a heartwarming tale of friendship and fun. It’s one of our favorites.

Do you have other books that make your winter book stack? Share yours in the comments.

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