Fitbit Savings – 4 Detergents for Less than $2

fitbit savings

People are starting to look at me like I’m crazy, an honestly, I don’t care. If you’ve learned anything about me from reading my blog, it’s that I’m a sucker for a good deal. And if I find a really, really good deal, I’m going to tell people about it.

Such was my Kmart deal over the weekend, a result of my Fitbit savings. You see, we have a high-efficiency washing machine. Which means that the detergent is astronimically priced for the tiny bottle we get. Andy and I had earned $10 and change in points at Kmart from walking with our Fitbits (you get $5 for every 14 miles a week you walk). So we thought, hey, let’s get a bottle or two. Well, weren’t we surprised when instead of $6.50 a bottle, they were on sale for $6 for TWO! Add our points and by the time we got to the register, we only paid about $1.50 for all four bottles. Mind blowing. (You’ll see three in the picture, we gave one away as a thank you.)

Wondering how we do it? Two Christmases ago, Andy bought us Fitbits. I thought he was being crazy (they’re not cheap after all), but then I started finding all these ways to save money with them, apps that give you money for walking, and stores that encourage positive walking behavor for free money at their store (hello, Walgreens, Kmart, and Sears!) When you hook them up to your rewards accounts, you earn $5 at a time.

For Kmart and Sears, I’ve earned about $5 and change a week just for keeping my Fitbit on and saved at least $200 on goods by using the points to buy products. Your points expire after about a week or two, so you have to act fast. I honestly just order online, use only points, and pick up my items. That way I’m not encouraged to spend more money than what they’re giving me for FREE!

Random things I’ve accumulated with points in 2014 (ALL FREE!!):
*Laundry Detergent
*Body Wash
*Baby Food (Walked out with 16 jars one day between Andy and my points!)
*Workout Ball
*Packaging Tape
*Hair Ties
*Makeup (Name brand like Covergirl and Maybelline, too!)
*FREE Shoes!

Not to mention that if I wait for a sale, I’m getting products that are worth much more than $5 a piece. Such a good deal! So if you have a Fitbit, hook it up to your Walgreens card and your Shop Your Way account for Kmart/Sears. What are you waiting for?

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