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Earn money and freebies with

You might be wondering why I’m sharing with you three bars of soap. You see, I’ve been able to combine fitness with couponing. Hooray! I stumbled upon which has let me hook up my FitBit to count my steps and turn it into cash I can use at SearsKmart and a few online shops as well. Turns out you can even link your MyFitnessPal account, Run Keeper, and a Jawbone if you have it. That’s it. It calculates everything for you. For every 14 miles, I end up earning about $5, which is pretty easy. The downfall is the points expire and the key is only purchasing items that you have enough points for and doing in-store FREE pickup. So yeah, you won’t be getting a free treadmill, but you might be able to get free weights or shampoo!

I honestly thought it was a hoax, until I tested it out. And me, being as practical as I am, and could have bought anything I wanted, decided to spend $6 of the $9 I had earned on soap. Yes, I’m that kind of person who buys essentials when she has free money to spend. I could have put it toward electronics, makeup, clothes, even shoes. Well, I got soap. And all I had to do was pick it up from Kmart! Try it and let me know what you think!

Fitbit Flex


Coupon Cornered | Baby Shower Deal


Why am I buying pacifiers when I don’t have a kid? Because they paid me to buy it! Yup, you heard that right. I made a dollar today by buying a pacifier, all because it was Easter themed. I have enough friends with kids, so it’s not like it’s going to go to waste. Not to mention that it saved me on soap for washing dishes. I ended up saving almost $8 today by using coupons. If I could spend all day doing this I’d have one of those stocked up houses that I paid only $20 for everything.

But seriously, if you have a baby shower to go to or don’t care that your kid’s pacifiers are pastel or have bunnies on them, then you have to do this. It’s like having an extra $1 coupon for anything you want in the store!

These weren’t even marked, so do a double take through the regular pacifier section. I don’t even think the employees knew they were supposed to be marked down. They were just sitting there and if I had more coupons from NUK, I totally would have bought them all! There had to be at least eight packages just sitting there.

Coupon Cornered

Buy the 2-pack NUK pacifiers, Easter themed for $.49
Print and use the $1.50 off 1 NUK product
Final price: $1 money maker, which I used toward two on sale Palmolive soaps (They were reduced to replace another soap that was out-of-stock.)
With a $1 off coupon from Sunday’s paper for the Palmolive, the total came to $1.97!! Less than a dollar for each bottle of soap. Winner winner!



Couponing: 48 Cent Makeup Remover



I’ve always been jealous of the Krazy Coupon Lady and all those people on TLC’s Extreme Couponing who walk out of the store paying only $3.50 for $400 worth of groceries. I don’t have the patience to go through all the weekly flyers, compare them with the Sunday paper coupons, and then cross reference them with online additional coupons and deals. I wish I did. And here’s why.

I’ve put myself on a budget. I am not allowing myself to go to the store unless I have a list in hand. And it’s killing me. I like walking the aisles, seeing what I like and possibly purchasing a few items I didn’t intend to, because I wanted something. And now I can’t do that.

So I went on to the Krazy Coupon Lady’s website today. I was curious. Could I get something for free, or at least almost free? And there it was, Almay coupons ($5 off 2 Almay products), an in-store deal (buy one, get one 50% off), and an in-store coupon ($2 off inside the monthly Wal-greens coupon book). Off to Wal-greens I went, bee-lining it to the makeup section.

In hand: two Almay makeup removing pads (one priced at $6.49, another at $5.99). Yes, I meant to grab two at $5.99, but I’m not crying over spilled milk. Anyway, with buy one get one free, all those coupons, and then a $3 balance reward saving, I watched the $12.48 bill go down to 48 cents. Yup! 48 cents! SO excited. I think I might like this couponing thing.