EverProven Crossfit – Day 2 1.7.14

EverProven Crossfit 1.7.15

The spot right underneath my fingers on my upper palm. It hurts like someone took sandpaper to it. What a horrible feeling.

It’s red and I know why. I was having a hard time today with the power clean at crossfit. First off, this is my intro to the power clean. Secondly, I wanted to get it right, so I over thought it so much that I couldn’t do it correctly. I was muscling the 45 pounds up to my chest instead of letting the motion do the work for me.  Next time, next time.

I do have to give my friend Alyssa a shout out. I would have parked my behind on the couch all night if she hasn’t asked if I was going tonight. Because, honestly, I wasn’t going to go. But then I thought about it. Why couldn’t I go? I didn’t have work tonight, I wasn’t too sore from yesterday, and I really, really, really knew deep down that Andy and I were not going to get up for the crack of dawn class tomorrow morning. Sorry, hun. I’m being honest.

And I’m glad I went. Tonight was so much better than yesterday. The class was half the size of yesterday and I paired up with another newbie (Cassandra), who was a great partner in crime. Hope we have a class together soon! We’ll kill those power cleans next time!

But my favorite part was the WOD (workout of the day). We had to jump over (or step over in my case) a box, and do ab situps with weight (10 lbs for me). We started with 3 box jumpovers and 3 abs… then 6 box jumpovers and 6 abs… then 9 box jumpovers and 9 abs.. etc. Going up by 3 each time. And we had 10 minutes to get as many as possible.

I was sort of scared at first, but once we hit the halfway point, I was determined I’d make it to 21. I just wanted to get out of the teens. And I did, barely. I finished my 21 round, then I got in 2 more box jumpovers. Good enough for me! (And for my competitive side, I wasn’t last. I know, I know, it’s not a competition against everyone in class, just myself.)

EverProven Crossfit 1.7.15

Crossfit Workout 1.7.15


Target Mobility
Squat Walk
10 Push-Ups
Bear Crawl
10 Ab Mats
10 Tuck Jumps
Lateral Lunge
10 Jump Squats


20 Band Pull Aparts
20 Banded Presses From Front Rack (use a thin band and step on the band with both feet. Get into a front rack and press band overhead like a push press. Men can use a black or Purple Band, women use a red or black for these)
Bully Stretch – 45 sec per side
Roller in Mid Back – Hug and Extend – 1 Min
Roller In Mid Back with Overhead Barbell or KB Stretch – 1 min


Review the Power Clean


Use 20 min to build to a 3RM power clean.
– Build slowly and rest as necessary. Utilize the entire clock time.


For time under 10 min Cap
See how far you can get up the ladder by 3’s (3-6-9-12-15-18.. and so on)
Box Jump Overs 24″/20″
Plate touch Ab Mat Sit-Ups 25/15 (Plate taps behind head and in front of toes)

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