Front Squats and Infinite Burpees

Andy was not too happy with me this morning. At 5:15 a.m., I rolled over and let him know we had to get dressed and head out the door. After a few complaints, a mention or two that he didn’t sign up for this kind of torture this early in the day, and finally putting on his shoes, we left for the first Crossfit class of the day.

I was amped. I couldn’t believe that Andy had actually gotten out of bed (when he goes to class, it’s always at night). I am not a morning person, by any means, but if it means I need to be chipper to get him to go with me, then I’ll pretend to be a morning person.

So we went. The warm up was fairly easy, some Monster Walks with bands, then some squats. Not bad at all. (Should have been a sign.)

Then we did some stretching, and some front squats. Patty was super supportive today despite her back hurting her a bit and not wanting to go too big on the weight. (I was grateful to go slow.) She worked with me up to a 100 pound front squat. You’ll notice our little 2.5 “cookies” on the ends. Hey, if I can’t really see them, they must not weigh anything, right?

And then I watched Andy in his group, do a 225 lb front squat. What?!?! Where did that come from? I’m so proud of you, hun. SO much weight and you haven’t been in a bit. So proud to see you front squat the big weights!

The hard part was the WOD. I got stuck in a burpee loop. It was supposed to be 20 wall balls, 20 push jerks. But every 90 seconds we had to do 8 burpees. Let’s just say that I flew through the first set of wall balls, first set of push jerks, and another set of wall balls, then got stuck. You see, when you’re slow at burpees, you don’t have enough time to finish your set, then get back to the main workout. We were supposed to do four rounds. Needless to say, I only got 2 (rounds) + 2 (reps). I tried. I really did.

But I hear tomorrow is handstand pushups!! So I’m hoping I make it to class.

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