WOD and Wine: Ladies’ Night Crossfit

I’m pretty sure my friend Molly wants to kill me.

You see, I invited her – really lured her with promises of wine and food – to a WOD and Wine event at Everproven last night, a completely ladies-only evening of Crossfit, food, wine, and fun. And since then, I’ve been getting text messages about how sore she is. (I feel her pain, my thighs are a lot sore, too.) Apparently I didn’t quite inform her how intense Crossfit really is. If I told her how sore she’d be after one workout, I don’t think she would have gone, but from the smile on her face (see above picture) to the positive response she had after the first workout, I think it was a win. (That’s just a glisten on our faces, ladies don’t sweat.)

It was tough, but she did it. Scaled, but who cares! She gave it her all, survived, and I’m hoping she comes back.

We had around 60 ladies rocking out at Everproven on a Saturday night. Yup! That’s right, a full house on a weekend night and it was so inspirational. So many women of all different ages, sizes, and levels working out together through burpees, push-ups, ring rows, lunges, planks, and more. And all supportive. That’s what I wanted Molly to see. To know that I’m not crazy when I’ve gone to a 5:45 a.m. class. To know that Crossfit allows you to be motivated by other strong women to make yourself stronger.

And Everproven is planning to do a few more of these WOD and Wine nights this year. Open to members and their friends for a free, fun evening with a group workout, some snacks, and wine. So any of my lady friends out there who are still interested in learning about Crossfit, giving it a go, or just want to see what all the fuss is about, let me know so I can invite you. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You go for a free workout, don’t enjoy it, and don’t come back. I won’t be mad, I’ll be glad you tried!


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