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Be Grateful

Sometimes you just have a bad day. Things don’t seem to be falling into place. Little things throw you off, and you feel like you’re continuously falling down a rabbit hole. Except there is no Wonderland at the end, and you’re not going to any soiree with an infinite amount of tea cups and crumpets.

No, things just feel like they’ll never get better. The bank account seems forever dry, the bills never end, and you question if you’ve made the right choices in life. Did you end up living where you wanted? Are the people who surround you, ones that make you want to spend every minute with them? Did you visit all the places you wanted to see?

Are you happy?

And that’s the moment when you have to stand back and take a breath. Remember that things could always be worse. People could treat you worse, your job could be worse, you could not even have a roof over your head, and you could be questioning where your next meal is coming from.

The answer, and I find this hard to do often, is this: Be grateful.

Take stock of what you do have:
a loving boyfriend/girlfriend
pets that love you
clothes that keep you warm
food at your dinner table
your health
your youth
your wisdom
your ability to learn
your speech
your sight
the ability to dance
to sing
your sense of exploration

Live. Love. Enjoy.

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  • Reply Gloria April 9, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    Even after 2 brain surgeries and radiation I sometimes forget to be thankful to just be alive. We should find something every day to be thankful for, especially family : ) You need to add “hearing” to your thankful list, I am deaf in one ear and I can tell you to cherish what you hear, I look forward to the day I hear my grandbaby crying in my good ear : )

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