Strict Press, Thrusters, and Rowing

I hadn’t been off the plane for more than a few hours when I found myself back at the box at EverProven. I had unpacked some of my things from my recent Easter trip to Florida, slipped on my new workout pants, and headed off to meet Kate for a Crossfit On Ramp lesson.

I was amped up. I think it was the snazzy new pants, or maybe it was because I hadn’t been to Crossfit in a week that I decided I was going to give it my all. Either way, I went into class ready to thrown down. I started with Strict Presses – pushing the barbell up over my head from my shoulders without using my legs or lower body.

I was kind of amped, because the first few reps I did felt light as a feather. I did three reps of each weight, slowly adding weight each time. First adding two cookies (2.5 lbs) to each side of the bar, then swapping those out for 5 lbs weights (we’re deciding whether to call them donuts or bagels), and then 10 lbs weights. If you watch the video (above), you can see in my second set that I got a little cocky, went a little fast, and let my arms go back a little far.

But I was excited. Near the end, I had 60 lbs of weight, including the bar. 60 lbs! For me, that’s an accomplishment.

But the thing that really excited me was my final workout: Five timed rounds of 200 meter rowing, and 10 thrusters. Each round I would row 200 meters, then do 10 thrusters, and I’d break for the amount of time I completed that set. Then go again.

I got a little excited and for my first round, clocked in at 1 minute 37 seconds. Yeah, set the bar a bit high. But I got better every time.

Second Round: 1:32
Third Round: 1:33
Fourth Round: 1:34
Fifth Round: 1:29!!!

Yup, under a minute and a half. So excited! Tired, but excited!

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