Book Club: Bikini Season

Book Club: Bikini Season

For someone who basically grew up in a library, I have to admit I’m pretty upset with myself that I don’t spend more time reading. Which is why I forced myself to put down the remote, stop watching reruns and actually read something for once. I mean, it’s summer for Pete’s sake. I should be outside on the porch, not cooped up inside.

I wanted to start light, something that wouldn’t take too much brain power, but still might be fun to dig into. So I did what any penny pinching person might do, I hit up the discount rack at Barnes and Noble. You’d be surprised, not everything in there is a bad read. Just means not everyone is flocking to the same titles.

So I fished out this title, “Bikini Season“. All you men out there, I already know I lost you because it clearly screams girly novel. Which it is. I’m not denying it.

The story follows four women struggling with their weight and their lives. They turn their monthly cooking group into a weight loss group, but it also becomes a therapy session for all of them. Particularly the main character who is struggling with whether or not she is about to marry the right man (a very pushy, possessive soon-to-be-doctor who is as hansome as they get.) And while it may seem super cheesy, I actually really was drawn in by the characters and their stories, what made each one tick and trying to figure out how they would turn their lives around. Single, married, ready to be married, or handling health problems, these ladies were tackling it.

I have to admit, I did not try the recipes in the back of the book, but I think I might. They looked interested and some of them were allegedly healthy. (And included Weight Watchers points value.)

So I do recommend checking it out and I even have a copy if anyone wants to borrow it. It’s a fairly fast read and perfect for taking to the beach.

Grab a copy for your Kindle here: Bikini Season, Kindle Version

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