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Thanksgiving Delivery

This year I couldn’t go home to visit family. Multiple reasons, including having to work Black Friday, have caused me to stay in the area. Which means, that I do not have anywhere to go to celebrate the holiday. No real plans to eat turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and all the goodness that comes with this Pilgrim-themed holiday.

So when my mom heard about this, she took action. She lives all the way in Florida and couldn’t exactly come drop off a meal for me. That’s when she decided to call every supermarket in the area to see if they could deliver a meal to me. I’m not even sure the supermarket makes meals for people, but she she is pretty convincing. Also, I heard a rumor she called enough times that they knew it was her by the third day.

About a week ago, she called me and listed off a number of items I would be picking up from Shaw’s. Yeah, a list. So I was expecting this one portion meal. Yeah, right. I can feed a few people on what I ended up getting.

So today, I stopped by Shaw’s. Patiently I waited at the deli counter, because I wanted to thank the poor soul my mom said she kept calling to verify they could do this for me. When I said I was picking up a meal, and wanted to thank Dave for all his patience, they said, “Oh! We know who you are!” Great…

Let’s just say that I am now going to avoid the deli counter for awhile. But I am grateful for such a wonderful gift from my mom. Thank you!

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