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It’s Been Awhile

It seems that I’ve gotten a little busy. Okay, a lot busy. And I’ve completely neglected my blog, my love for writing, cooking, working out regularly, and pretty much anything that doesn’t include work.

Sometimes when life throws a lot at you, you tend to put things on the sideline. Things that mean a lot to you, but you forget they mean a lot to you. Like something as simple as making breakfast. For the last year I have basically “forgotten” to eat breakfast every morning. I used to wake up early, make myself a breakfast (even if it’s just a couple of eggs), maybe workout a bit, and then start my day. I miss that.

Which is why I spent a few days fighting the Internet to figure out how to log back into my blog. Yes, I locked myself out. That’s how long it’s been.

But now that I’m in, I’m hoping I can keep myself accountable. Maybe log some workouts. Maybe share how I am balancing getting real meals into my system every day while we spend 12 plus hours a day running our new store. (Yes, we FINALLY opened a brick and mortar store!!)

We will see where this goes. And if anyone is listening, that’s even better. Help me track some goals, eat better, make better decisions, and find myself again.

Life In General

Why I Write

Rifle Paper Peony Card

When I was a little girl, my grandmother would sit me down at the kitchen table with a pen and a sheet of paper. She’d give me a person – my mom, my dad, my aunt, a cousin – and tell me to write them a letter. She’d task me with telling them what I was up to, what new adventures I had gone on, and to recount all of the places we had gone in the last week.

I was maybe 7 or 8, and as I got older, I continued to write letters. Mostly, it was because grandma had taught me that’s how you show someone that you really care about what is going on in their lives. It shows you took the time to sit down, organize your thoughts, and then carefully place them on the page.

It was a time before computers consumed our lives. Before we used auto correct for everything. When I could type out a letter on the typewriter or in an ancient version of Microsoft Word, but chose not to. Why? Because it meant more.

When I was in college, my grandmother would write me letters occasionally and I’d try to set aside the time to respond. When I studied abroad in France for a semester, I returned those letters more frequently. But as I got older, left college, took on the real world, I forgot about handwriting letters.

I forgot to take the time to show people I cared.

Why not send them an email? Because it’s impersonal. It would take me 2 minutes to write an email. It might get lost in their Junk Mail. It might never be opened.

However, when someone opens their mailbox and they get a letter, they know the person took the time. They took the time to pick out the card or paper to write the letter on. The time to write an address on the envelope. The time to get a stamp. The time to physically drop the letter at a mail box.

So that’s why I’m writing. I’ve hand written eight letters in 2016 so far. Some thank you cards, some just because, and a few just to tell a few people that I miss having them in my life.

We can change how people communicate. We can put down the phones, stop texting so much, and get out from behind the computer screens. Get a piece of paper and an envelope and tell someone you care. Try it, at least once.

And if you need some inspiration, there’s plenty of pretty cards out there to choose from:


Need address labels, save at Tiny Prints with this link: Click Here. Some of their designs are SUPER cute, start at $8, and they almost always have coupon codes!

Life In General

First Snow of the Season

Seems like the first snow of the season always brings out the scaredy cat in people, me included. Today was the first snow of the season. It came in fast and hard, and it made sure that the roads were a terrible mess. My little Chevy Cobalt is really no match for the snow, especially when in all reality, someone with my yellow belly should be driving some sort of SUV.

So like most of New Hampshire right now, I’m sitting at home, looking out the window and thinking, “how was I not prepared for this?” Last week we had short sleeve weather and now we’re getting buried in snow and our roads are super slippery.

Even yesterday, Andy and I just bought a shovel. Yes, JUST. We realized with all the weather reports that we were going to probably need one. Our plow guy only comes at night so in the mornings, we’re on our own. I also forgot to purchase warmer winter gloves and then had to dive headfirst into my storage closet to find my winter boots that had been hidden for the last 9 months. Seriously, I am very unprepared for this season.

Life In General

Faith Findings: Daily Totems

This is your journey and this is your progress. And there is no one else in the race because it is yours alone.

Many of you might have noticed the recent postings of my daily totem. A picture of a card with an animal on it and some words of inspiration or motivation. In the last two months, I’ve learned a lot about myself. That I can be strong, I can accept change, and I can find possibility in the unknown.

I started picking a Totem card each morning to see which spirit animal is mine for that day. I’m not picking a card again just because I don’t like it, I’m accepting it and really listening to what each card says. The deck I use are from Compendium and there are 30 cards in the deck, each with its own animal. It’s funny, I don’t take much stock in fortune cookies, but these I actually have found make sense.

No matter what the card says, I’ve found what I’ve picked has applied to what’s going on in my life at that moment. Take today’s snail. Immediately I knew this was on point. I am starting a new journey, expanding My Country Story and have taken a new job that I adore. I don’t need to try to race anyone else to the top of some corporate ladder, I just need to make myself happy, work slowly, and I’ll get where I need to go.

P.S. If you’re in Dover, you can pick these up at Pear Tree. Otherwise, you can order online for your own set here.