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First Snow of the Season

Seems like the first snow of the season always brings out the scaredy cat in people, me included. Today was the first snow of the season. It came in fast and hard, and it made sure that the roads were a terrible mess. My little Chevy Cobalt is really no match for the snow, especially when in all reality, someone with my yellow belly should be driving some sort of SUV.

So like most of New Hampshire right now, I’m sitting at home, looking out the window and thinking, “how was I not prepared for this?” Last week we had short sleeve weather and now we’re getting buried in snow and our roads are super slippery.

Even yesterday, Andy and I just bought a shovel. Yes, JUST. We realized with all the weather reports that we were going to probably need one. Our plow guy only comes at night so in the mornings, we’re on our own. I also forgot to purchase warmer winter gloves and then had to dive headfirst into my storage closet to find my winter boots that had been hidden for the last 9 months. Seriously, I am very unprepared for this season.

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