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Avocado Steak Lettuce Tacos


Kick the carbs to the curb.

Even though it’s been cold out, I’ve been thinking of summer. Yes, I totally rock my knit pom-pom hat like a champ, and scarves are my best friend, but I miss laying out on the beach in my bikini. So instead of making a heavy, coma-inducing meal for myself, I opted for what I’d enjoy on a hot summer day.

I started by sauteing a quarter cup of fresh salsa (diced Roma tomatoes, sweet onions, and green peppers) in olive oil. Add a teaspoon each of cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and black pepper. When the vegetables are cooked down (the tomato will start to fall apart and make a sauce), add a quarter cup of diced steak. Cook the meat through.

I plated this on cleaned Romaine lettuce and topped it with a slice of avocado. Delicious!

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