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5 Things To Survive A Snowstorm

Welcome to Snowmeggedan 2015. Yes, New England is being buried in snow, and it’s beautiful. This morning, when we woke up, I took a few minutes to look out the windows, and watch the snow blow passed the windows. Then I made the unfortunate decision to open the mud room door… and in came the snow. Whoops.

So I’m hunkering in for a bit until we’re all woken up and can put on snow gear and make snowmen and snow angels. And here’s my 5 things I think are necessary to survive the snowstorm, in no particular order.

1. Have a pancake breakfast

Because they’re delicious, a treat, and we made them with almond milk, so that’s better than they could be, right?


2. Watch Frozen

The perfect cold weather movie. I don’t care what age you are, it’s hilarious. I’m particularly fond of Christophe and Sven. Oh yeah, and the Oaken’s Sauna guy. He melts my heart.



3. Snuggle

Sleep in, curl up under the covers, and hold on to the ones you love. We may still have power – for now – but sometimes making a blanket fort is the best way to start off the day. I’m lucky. I have Andy at home with me today. If you don’t have someone home with you, grab all of your stuffed animals, and curl up on the couch.

Things to Survive the Snowstorm


4. Read all the Books

Pull off that book that’s been sitting on your shelf for years that you haven’t read yet. Dust the dirt off the cover, turn open the pages, and take a few moments to not use your cellphone or the Internet.

I’m still working on my 10 (actually 12) books that I want to get through in 2015. I’m currently on The Maze Runner, and realizing it’s completely different than the movie. It’s kind of a good thing, like learning a whole new story.

5. Play all the Games

Because when the power goes out, you’re going to have to put that Xbox controller down and find a way to stay occupied that does not include electricity.  I’d normally add Twister to my list, but we don’t own it. Surprising, since we have an entire bookshelf-worth of games. But my favorites still come down to a good game of Scrabble or, with a large group, Cards Against Humanity.

   How do you survive the snowstorm? What’s your go to?

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    Long time reader, first time commenter. Love your blog. But can you please tell Daddy what happened to the girls midsection in section 3? Can’t wait to read more!


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