Snowed In Ab Workout

We did not see our plow man until after 5 p.m. today. Not that we needed to go anywhere, I’m pretty sure most of the area was shut down. I’m completely okay with that. But what that also meant, was that we were not going to make it to Everproven Crossfit for our workout. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even check if they were open today. Sorry, guys, I made a mental decision not to leave home.

So where did that leave me? Wondering how the heck I was going to get a workout in.¬†Despite giving in to carbs, wine, and extra portions today, I knew I had to get off my bum and do something, even a little something. So off to YouTube I went for an ab workout. I didn’t find anything crazy, but come on, a 10 minute workout is better than no workout at all, right?


Just because we’re snowed in doesn’t mean we can’t workout, even if it is only a small ab workout. Am I right? Considering a second video, but for now, this is as far as I’ve gotten. Share the indoor workouts you’re doing today!

Snowed in Ab Workout


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