Seeking Sunshine & Morning Yoga



Today’s random thoughts.

I am so excited to finally see some sunshine. Now that my body has finally had a week to adjust to the time change, I’ve had a few moments to finally appreciate the extra sunlight we’re getting.

Now when I leave my office at night, the sky isn’t pitch black and I’m no longer using my cellphone as a flashlight to get to my car. The other amazing thing is the morning sunlight, when it peeks through the bedroom window shades and greets us in the morning.

Motivation has been hard to come by lately in our house. No one wants to workout, no one wants to go to the gym or take a walk even. But this morning was different. When my earliest of morning alarms* went off I didn’t go back to sleep. I stayed up and made a decision, Andy and I were going to get up and workout.

Lately, there has been no motivation in the morning to crawl out from under the covers. But today, we changed that, and I hope we continue to change our morning routine as spring starts. We cleared out all the clutter from the foot of our bed so there was room for both of us to stretch out on the carpet, then turned on the television, and I casted a 15-minute morning yoga routine. It was simple, but just that simple early morning stretching was something I had been missing for a very long time.

*To put it into perspective, I have six morning alarms total, including the last one that is a get-out-of-the-house-now alarm.
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