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Snowed In Ab Workout

We did not see our plow man until after 5 p.m. today. Not that we needed to go anywhere, I’m pretty sure most of the area was shut down. I’m completely okay with that. But what that also meant, was that we were not going to make it to Everproven Crossfit for our workout. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even check if they were open today. Sorry, guys, I made a mental decision not to leave home. Continue Reading


No Kipping, I’m Starting Crossfit

EverProven Crossfit

Turns out I was wrong. Don’t tell Andy, he won’t let me live it down.

I’ve been really down lately and not motivated at all to hit the gym (which I know I need). The problem is that I know myself, I need a motivator. I need someone who will kick my butt and tell me what to do in a workout. That’s why yoga classes work for me. That’s why Myra at The Works (as much of a drill sergeant as she is) works for me. That’s exactly why when I stop having a buddy at the gym, nothing works for me. Continue Reading


New Year, New Workout, New Clothes

It’s that time of year again. That time when we look at ourselves in the mirror and say, “Yup, it’s the first of the year, better get on to completing that resolution, again.” And I’m not going to lie to you, I honestly do the same thing every year. I tell myself I will lose weight, I will start a new workout plan, I will get toned, I will put down that cookie and make a better decision.

Which is exactly why I’m doing The Whole 30… again. It worked last time. I lost 10+ pounds. But once I started eating breads again, that was the end of it, and the pounds came right back on. So we’ve made the decision to go back to The Whole 30, trying eating more Paleo after January, and workout. And by workout, I mean, I should most likely go back to my goal I had two years ago when I ran 365 miles in 2013. When I completed it, I was strong, and I was fit. Way more than I am now.

And I found when I was working out, I felt best when I made an effort to give myself some rewards. No, not cookies. That would defeat the purpose. What I mean is, I would buy myself some new yoga pants, a new sports bra, or even a zip-up hoodie. One, because I would wear it when working out, but two, because it encouraged me to use the clothes.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m cheap, so I’m not going to drop a ton of money on clothes and then never wear them. Which is why when I stumbled up on Fabletics (created with the help of Kate Hudson), and saw the good deals, I couldn’t resist. Right now, they are offering my first outfit for $25 when I signed up OR I can get 50% off my first outfit (three pieces). Continue Reading

Couponing, Fitness

Fitness and Couponing | Fitbits & FitStudio

Earn money and freebies with

You might be wondering why I’m sharing with you three bars of soap. You see, I’ve been able to combine fitness with couponing. Hooray! I stumbled upon which has let me hook up my FitBit to count my steps and turn it into cash I can use at SearsKmart and a few online shops as well. Turns out you can even link your MyFitnessPal account, Run Keeper, and a Jawbone if you have it. That’s it. It calculates everything for you. For every 14 miles, I end up earning about $5, which is pretty easy. The downfall is the points expire and the key is only purchasing items that you have enough points for and doing in-store FREE pickup. So yeah, you won’t be getting a free treadmill, but you might be able to get free weights or shampoo!

I honestly thought it was a hoax, until I tested it out. And me, being as practical as I am, and could have bought anything I wanted, decided to spend $6 of the $9 I had earned on soap. Yes, I’m that kind of person who buys essentials when she has free money to spend. I could have put it toward electronics, makeup, clothes, even shoes. Well, I got soap. And all I had to do was pick it up from Kmart! Try it and let me know what you think!

Fitbit Flex