No Kipping, I’m Starting Crossfit

EverProven Crossfit

Turns out I was wrong. Don’t tell Andy, he won’t let me live it down.

I’ve been really down lately and not motivated at all to hit the gym (which I know I need). The problem is that I know myself, I need a motivator. I need someone who will kick my butt and tell me what to do in a workout. That’s why yoga classes work for me. That’s why Myra at The Works (as much of a drill sergeant as she is) works for me. That’s exactly why when I stop having a buddy at the gym, nothing works for me.

So I let Andy pick my next workout assignment: Crossfit. He’s been doing Crossfit for a few months now, and even blogs about it. (Check it out here.) It’s not just the intense workouts, it’s the community, he tells me, that he likes. So, I gave in when he had a month pass for me. And I made an appointment today, last minute, to go to EverProven Crossfit in The Mills here in Dover. I mean, how hard could it be?

Turns out, I’m severely out of shape. I may not be overweight, I may eat well, but by golly, I have not pushed myself in almost a year. Like truly pushed myself. I took an hour intro class with two other newbies with Elliott at EverProven. He was nice, obviously takes Crossfit seriously, and made it seem like a piece of cake.

He walked us through box jumps (I gracefully fell and have a nice welt on my left shin now), jump roping, and dead lifts. And when we finished that, I thought we were done. NOPE. That’s the warm up.

Pardon?? Warm-up?

The real pain didn’t start until the WOD (workout of the day), which I say looked easy for one round.

5, 35-lb Overhead Thrusters (Basically shoving a barbell over my head and squatting)
5, Kettle Bell Swings
5, Jumping Lunges
5, Burpees
5, Prisoners Getups (Don’t use your hands to stand from laying down)
5, Medicine Ball Tosses
1, up-and-back grapevine (Karaoke for you Crossfitters).

Unfortunately, we had to do three rounds as quickly as we could, or whatever we could get done in 15 minutes. Whatever came first. By round three, those prisoner getups were a disaster. I really contemplated just laying there until the time ran out, but the other two women in my class were pushing themselves. I couldn’t be a slacker.

I am proud of myself. All three of us completed it at the same time: 9 minutes 26 seconds. I may have Jell-O for legs, but I certainly do feel better about myself. Which, yes, means I will be back, once I catch my breath.

It gets better, right??

Oh yeah, and the only piece of evidence I have is a mini video Andy took when he stopped by with Ezzy to pick me up. Look quick, I’m the one in grey in the back.

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