Pickin’ Apples

My favorite part of autumn is enjoying the outdoors – the leaves, the cool weather, and the fact that I can wear sweaters again. (Yay!)

So when I was offered the chance to go apple picking, I pulled on my favorite sweater and topped it with a warm trench. The only choice we had was buying half a peck or a peck of apples. I still have no idea what a “peck” consists of, but its a bag of apples, either way, and I’m leaving it at that.

So many apples, so little time.

We just strollin’ along through the apple orchards.

I think I got as many as possible into that bag…. Notice the absurdly large Golden Delicious poking out of the bag.

I’ll be searching for ways to use these apples. Got lots of different kinds, including Golden Delicious that are about the size of a baby’s head, no joke.

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