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Coral and Grey Foxes | Infant Outfit

Baby Clothes Grey FoxesBaby ClothesGet the mini look: Jean Jacket | Carter’s Baby Girl’s L/S Button-Front Shirt | Grey Leggings

Can you say perfect apple picking outfit? I can. Also, that shirt has grey foxes on it. It wouldn’t let me leave the store without it. Had a grip on me or something.

Let’s back up. I thought I’d be cute and style an infant. Turns out, it’s a million times harder to walk out of a child’s store without clothes than an adult clothing store. I got sucked in. All I wanted was to pick out a fall apple picking outfit. Mini jean jackets. Petite little leggings. Overalls. Plaid shirts. Oh my goodness, the cuteness never ends.

I think I spent just as much on her as I would on an outfit for myself, but I honestly couldn’t stop myself. I wish I could have gotten the fox shirt in my size (Carter’s Outlet doesn’t have my size).

Also, learned that day, it’s really hard to balance an apple on top of a toddler’s head. They just keep moving. Crazy.

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Blueberry Picking

blueberry picking blueberry picking

When I was little, my grandfather and I would drive up to Blueberry Hill. They were low blueberry bushes, where you had to sit on the ground with your bucket and pick. I was always told to wait, not eat any, or else we’d be there even longer trying to fill the bucket so grandma could make us blueberry pie.

But I would sneak some fruit as we were blueberry picking. One for me – three for the bucket. One for me – two for the bucket. And this would go on until we had enough.

That was years ago, when I was less than a teenager and living in Vermont. I haven’t been blueberry picking since then. So when Andy showed up to my house over the weekend and told me to wear something comfortable, I was pleasantly surprised that we ended up at Butternut Farm in Farmington.

And when we got there, I was so confused. Where was the hill of blueberries. All I saw were tall bushes lining the field. They were blueberry bushes, I learned. And full of fruit. So much so, that I didn’t think twice about eating a few as we filled the bucket and dragged our wagon. There were so many, and by the time we were all tired out, our teeth were blue and we had a bag full of berries.

So my question for you all today is, what should we make with our blueberries? I’ll probably drag him back there soon, so I’m not afraid of running out. But I need ideas other than a traditional blueberry pie. What would you make?


Pickin’ Apples

My favorite part of autumn is enjoying the outdoors – the leaves, the cool weather, and the fact that I can wear sweaters again. (Yay!)

So when I was offered the chance to go apple picking, I pulled on my favorite sweater and topped it with a warm trench. The only choice we had was buying half a peck or a peck of apples. I still have no idea what a “peck” consists of, but its a bag of apples, either way, and I’m leaving it at that.

So many apples, so little time.

We just strollin’ along through the apple orchards.

I think I got as many as possible into that bag…. Notice the absurdly large Golden Delicious poking out of the bag.

I’ll be searching for ways to use these apples. Got lots of different kinds, including Golden Delicious that are about the size of a baby’s head, no joke.