Crafting Cards – Birthday

Crafting Kitty: Pumpkin fell asleep on the table while making cards.

Opted to make a birthday card with my mom’s craft supplies. She could probably open her own shop with the number of things she has in there. Anyway, the cat – yes, my mom’s BLACK cat is named Pumpkin – helped me make a birthday card. I used the Cricket machine. It’s this thing that cuts out shapes and such from card stock.

Being showed how to use the machine so I don’t break it. I must seem like a klutz or something.

I took some of those paint sample things from Home Depot and decided to use them to cut out some shapes and such, then put them on the side. But when it came time to decide what color paper to put it on, mom had all these shades of blue, but none that I wanted. So sad. So what do you do when that happens? Make your own color, of course.

Making blue paper… cause I can!

Took a sponge and dabbed it in multiple shades of blue, then dabbed the paper until I got the right blue page. Glued on the cut out letters and stars, added another back layer of dark blue, and ta-dah! Birthday card!

The finished product!


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