DIY Floral Hair Pins

I’d really like to take a vacation. Taking some time off would be awesome, something tropical maybe. Never really been to anywhere tropical, unless you count Hawaii, but that’s not really tropical per say, is it? So back to crafting this led me. I had some flower paper appliques left from a craft project forever ago and decided to make hair pins. I got these flowers at Michael’s. Gathered some black glass beads, bobby pins, and super glue and got to work. You can also use hot glue to make these floral hair pins, just go light on the glue, particularly in for the small black beads you put in the front.

To start, I glued one smaller flower in the center of another, and made sure they were two different colors. Then took three small glass beads and super glued those in the center.

And then when that was dried, I glued that to a bobby pin.

And ta-dah!



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