Kmart Freebies Haul June

I have never really stopped finding deals. No matter if I’m working full-time, part-time, or even when I was in college, I know looking for a deal is as easy as keeping your eyes open to keep your wallet full. I’ve already told you all about Fit Studio, Shop Your Way, and how to get free items from Kmart and Sears. But there are so many people I know who have a FitBit and do not hook it up to anything for products.

Let’s be honest, I’m not talking about walking out of a store with free Reeboks or a new couch, but it adds up. This week, a simple trip with my accumulated $8 worth of points, picking the right products, and voila, FREE stuff! I paid nothing over what I had for points, and there is no requirement to make a paid purchase. All I had to do was walk every day to earn enough points for my purchase and remember to make my purchase before my points expired.

So many Kmart freebies over the last month, these products included: conditioner, detangler, eyeliner, powder, toothpaste.

If you have not purchased a FitBit yet, you should. You not only can earn points here, but you can also earn points at Walgreens! All just for walking, which you’re going to do anyway.

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