What Home Depot Is Good For

I wish I had gotten more.

What is Home Depot good for, you ask? Well, when your mom is deciding to paint her Urban Kitchen the color of a bar of chocolate and you fear it will make the room look like a cave, Home Depot is good for collecting color samples. Lots of color samples. I wish I had gotten more. However, mom was starting to give me an angry look when I started pulling green shades, when obviously that color was not going into her kitchen.

As I was pulling colors of Behr, I remembered that I could use some of the shades to make craft project. Shush. You know you’ve thought of it, too. It wasn’t like I was taking enough to make a wall mural, just enough to make a few card cut outs. You’ll see. I’ll be posting those soon.

Oh yeah, and in case you were as worried as I was about the kitchen color, I got her to brighten up the shade. I think we went with something called Mushroom Bisque. How appropriate for a kitchen color. Food on the wall prevails – savory over sweet.

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