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DIY Faux Makeup Kit

When I was little, my mom gave me a makeup kit filled with a thick theater makeup – reds, blues, blacks, pinks, oranges. You name it, I probably had the color. Now, I know I made a mess with it and probably looked like a clown most of the time.

As I got older, I realized there was “big girl makeup.” That’s the eye shadows, lipsticks, mascara, and blush. I loved it. I still love it. So when I was visiting a friend with daughters, I was more than happy to pop open my makeup bag and let them try my colors (with mom’s permission, of course). It’s funny how exciting makeup is to a little girl, pretending to get dolled up for a faux party, or a night out (in this case, pizza downtown).

Faux Makeup Kit for Kids

So when I got home, I had an idea. For those days that mom just doesn’t want the girls playing with real makeup, I made a fake case. One that doesn’t actually get any makeup on the girls’ faces, but still let’s them pretend to put some on. And all it took was two things: an empty eye shadow case and some nail polish. Volia! Faux makeup case!

Faux Makeup Kit for Kids

All I did was clean out a case, dry it, then I poured nail polish into each of the wells. When it dried overnight, the paint had condensed, so I did a second layer and let that dry. Took 24 hours. I think I might be more excited than the girls! I even bought them new eye shadow applicators in a rainbow of colors (click here) or you can find them at your local Kmart or Wal-mart usually.


Excessive Christmas Planning

I should probably actually have people to have a party with before I plan the party, eh?

I know Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened, but I can’t stop pinning things to my Party Ideas board on Pinterest. I have pseudo planned a party (in my head, of course) and can’t wait to make everything. Of course, that means I actually need to plan a party now (probably won’t happen). That’s the problem with Pinterest, you pin all these things and most of the time never do any of it.

So I’m hoping this at least lends itself to decorating the house in an astronomical amount of holiday spirit. Maybe I’ll even make myself a Mrs. Claus outfit and wear it around the house for fun.


Halloween Costumes – Pirate

So much hairspray, you would never know.

Arrrggh-n’t you ready for Halloween? Ok, cheesy part over. I couldn’t help myself. As I’ve said before, I have three Halloween costumes. Pulled this one out for the first party. It was a hit and didn’t cost me a dime. I have to say though, I don’t know too many people that have a closet that runs the gambit from hippie to old lady to Victorian-era. Mine does.

I gathered the following (plus another maroon scarf and every piece of gold jewelry I owned):

Corset, fluffy white top, scarves, pirate boots

I happen to have a fluffy white hippie top and went perfectly under my corset. The corset, I wore backwards so the ties were in the front, to get that pirate waistband look. I tied the maroon floral scarf around my waist to layer my look. Topped the look with the pirate boots which have been sitting in my closet forever, but were perfect for this.

For my hair, I had my friend curl the heck out of my super fine, super straight hair. Curled and added half a can of hairspray to my do, then pinned a maroon silk scarf in as a headband.

Don’t forget a pair of black or black patterned shorts. (I went with my Gap pair I got this summer. Cotton, flow-y and had a gray pattern on it.)

Top it with every gold necklace I own, and POOF! You’ve got yourself a pirate. See, so easy.

Now, only two more costumes to go. I can’t wait!


What Home Depot Is Good For

I wish I had gotten more.

What is Home Depot good for, you ask? Well, when your mom is deciding to paint her Urban Kitchen the color of a bar of chocolate and you fear it will make the room look like a cave, Home Depot is good for collecting color samples. Lots of color samples. I wish I had gotten more. However, mom was starting to give me an angry look when I started pulling green shades, when obviously that color was not going into her kitchen.

As I was pulling colors of Behr, I remembered that I could use some of the shades to make craft project. Shush. You know you’ve thought of it, too. It wasn’t like I was taking enough to make a wall mural, just enough to make a few card cut outs. You’ll see. I’ll be posting those soon.

Oh yeah, and in case you were as worried as I was about the kitchen color, I got her to brighten up the shade. I think we went with something called Mushroom Bisque. How appropriate for a kitchen color. Food on the wall prevails – savory over sweet.