Personal Best: Back Squats And Everproven

Sometimes you just have to set your mind on something and do it.

Ever since starting Crossfit, I’ve been torn. I want to be fit, but I don’t want to get too muscle-y. I want to go to class, but I want to be confident that I can keep up. I want to pull big weights, but I don’t want to hurt myself. So I’m giving it my best shot, staying optimistic and continuing to go to Everproven for my On Ramp classes with Coach Kate.

Tonight, I learned that if you set a goal and commit to it, you can reach it. Even a little goal. Which honestly is the best thing I’ve heard lately since I’ve been down about hitting my weight goal.

At Everproven tonight we were worked on back squats. Now the last time I did back squats, I had maxed out at 65 pounds. Not because I couldn’t handle it, but because we were working me up, little by little. And today I started off with 65 pounds, threw down 5 reps no problem and looked to Coach Kate for advice and the go-ahead to add more weight.

Kate has helped keep me confident that I can do anything I put my mind to. And today, it was her saying that she thought I could back squat 100 pounds. 100 pounds, really? Has she seen me?  I don’t actually think she thought I’d do it today though. I think she was saying I would eventually work my way up to it. But I got it into my head that I was going to do it.

But we kept micro-plating (adding 5 pounds at a time to the bar), until I was at 75 pounds, then 85 pounds, then 90, 95, and finally 100 pounds. Kate told me I only had to do one rep at 100, but I couldn’t help myself. Once I finished the first one, I wanted to do another back squat. I realized I could do a third, a fourth, and finished my set with a fifth.

It was this exhilarating feeling, though, being able to complete a goal, even a little one. And I wish we had filmed me doing the 100 pound set, but Kate was super spotting me and holding a camera was not in the cards. We did get the 75 pound set though!

My next goal, a one max rep of 150.


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