Crossfit: Handstand Holds

I almost forgot to post about this! Which is insane because it’s all I’ve been talking about all week. I’m pretty sure everyone is getting sick of hearing me talk about handstand holds and Crossfit. But honestly, it’s the one thing in my life right now that’s keeping me sane.

This week I had my second to last On Ramp class. I don’t want to have to go to class yet. I really do enjoy my one-on-one classes. But I do know that is going to have to end sometime soon. At least I know I’m ready.

The one thing that we tried was getting myself up into a handstand on the wall. I’ve been told only one other On Ramp individual at Everproven has been able to get into a handstand and stay there during On Ramp. Turns out, I don’t like anyone to have anything to themselves and wanted to prove I could do it, too. So I worked at it, then got it in my head that I would get myself up on that wall one way or another.

The first time I tried, I flopped. Seriously, just pancaked onto the ground. My arm just gave up and buckled. Coach Kate was trying everything since I refused to give up. So we convinced Coach Scott to help assist (meaning pull my legs up so I was in a handstand) and feel what it would be like. Let me tell you, it was way less scarier than I thought it would be. And we even figured out how to get me to kick myself up.

I ended up setting up in a runner’s pose with my arms locked (that’s the key!) into a high V (yay, cheerleading). I don’t know how else to describe it, other than I prepped myself as if I would be starting a track race with one knee bent and the other straight. Then I used my bent leg to push myself up and threw my legs over my back and toward the wall. It took a couple tries, but I did it.

And the first time I got up there on my own, I was all excited that I forgot I had no idea how to get down. Umm, Coach Kate? Now what?! 

I kind of folded down from the wall after a 20 second hold. Then did two more, one of which I’m very sure ran upwards of the 30 second mark because Kate peace-d it for a second to go get her phone to take the above picture. I’m not mad, more super excited, because this means I can skip box push-ups and work on my strength to move to handstand push-ups. I’m actually excited to go back to Everproven just so I can try these again!

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