LOFT Safari Fashion

Every time I go to work at LOFT, I feel like I’m about to go on a Safari. I’m not complaining, I actually really love everything about the new Safari-themed line. There’s bright colors, fun prints, and pieces that I actually am obsessing over. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve really loved over 75 percent of the clothes coming in. Let’s be honest, you can’t love everything.

There are a few pairs of pants that I really wish fit me. I’m jealous every time someone comes to the register with the Tropic Wide Leg pants. I want them so badly, but they just don’t fit my hips right. I ended up with the dress in the same print, but I’d love to have the pants. There are shorts, too. I still have to try them on. Just not ready for that kind of let down if they don’t fit me right.

Safari Loft Fashion

Does anyone else do that? Obsess over a piece so much that when it doesn’t fit, you’re just devastated? It’s like dreaming of something, putting it up on that pedestal and then realizing you’re idolizing something that will never be. I get that way with clothes sometimes.

Until then, I’m just going to keep enjoying the new prints. I might even get the zebra T-shirt, if I can figure out a natural way to work it into my work wardrobe. Zebras are business casual, right?

Also, I created a Pinterest board inspired by the whole Safari Fashion trend, check it out: Summer Safari Style

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