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Run It III

Ohhhh, my legs hurt. Yeah, I’m gonna whine. However, I can’t whine too much, and that’s because I’m losing weight and getting toned from all this running. (9 wholes pounds lost from the first of January to now!!) I can’t believe focusing on running and not on weight loss is actually paying off. Go figure. For all those years I worried about what the scale said, all I had to do was not worry and get on the treadmill.

To be fair, it’s not just the running, I have changed my diet a lot and am actually tracking everything I eat. If you’re one of those people that think back on your day and go “I have no idea how much I’ve eaten today,” then you need to download the MyFitnessPal app in the Apple store. Some days I can’t believe I’ve eaten so much, and others I’m struggling to eat enough. But using the app and tracking what I eat and how much I work out has helped a ton to keep me on track. If you don’t eat enough calories, your body actually goes into starvation mode (or so I’m told), which is why those Don’t-Eat-Diets don’t work. Your body needs sustenance. Feed the cravings! I think I’ll go snack now…


Jan. 24 – 3.75 miles
Jan. 25 – 4.25 miles (While listening to Macklemore’s Thift Store the entire time on repeat.)
Jan. 26 – 0 miles tracked, went snowboarding instead – snow was calling to me
Jan. 27 – 1.75 miles
Jan. 28 – 0 miles
Jan. 29 – 2 miles
Jan. 30 – 2.25 miles
Jan. 31 – 3.25 miles

Feb. 1 – 3.85 miles (New month, new attitude!)
Feb. 2 – 2.34 miles
Feb. 3 – 0 miles
Feb. 4 – 2.25 miles
Feb. 5 – 1.52 miles
Feb. 6 – 2.80 miles
Feb. 7 – 0 miles
Feb. 8 – 0 miles (We had a blizzard, darn that Nemo from keeping me from the gym…)
Feb. 9 – 5.20 miles
Feb. 10 – 3.60 miles

Subtotal for this set = 38.81 miles + 46.26 (previous subtotal for 2013) = 85.07 miles in 2013 so far! Meaning I’m almost a quarter to my goal of going 365 miles in 2013 and it’s only February.

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