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The Hardest 20 Miles

For some reason, when I hit 300 miles, I thought ending my goal would be a piece of cake. What’s 65 miles at that point? Like a walk in the park, right?

I was so wrong. I’m 20 miles – COUNT IT – 20 miles from my final goal of hitting 365 miles in 2013. Every time I go to run, I hit a mile and think, “I’ll do two tomorrow.” I take a day off and then go for a run and do two miles. “Tomorrow I’ll do three. Just do a quick 5K.”

It feels like my body is rebelling. It can smell the pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, knows it’s getting colder and would rather curl up with a hot chocolate coated in a layer of whipped cream, and dreams of warm blankets and afternoons watching movies.

Please tell me this happens to everyone else. I started this year so strong, and I’m having a few moments of weakness. I’m up a few pounds and no matter how hard I tell myself I worked for this, I’m still slacking.

Looking for words of encouragement or advice. If you’ve got some, please share. Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner. So much food, so little time.

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