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Eat to Survive | Day 6 of The Whole 30

The Whole 30

I’ve come down from being hangry (angry-hungry, or hungry-angry.. I’m not sure which way it goes.) I think I just needed a few days to get readjusted to my body. I’m learning that with The Whole 30, there’s a need to not only eat a lot to nourish your body, but to also eat a variety of foods. Man (and woman) cannot live on apples, bananas, and eggs alone. I’m trying to infuse more into my system to keep me from being cranky.

Which is why my breakfast started with an apple, eggs, chicken, green peppers, and onions. Lunch, a banana, pork chops, orange peppers, tomatoes, and .. well.. another apple. I’m super glad that Andy made me fruit smoothies to keep in the freezer. They’re probably the best way to get more berry fruits into my system.

However, I have a huge fear on the horizon. I’m feeling better than I did yesterday by eating better, and eating more. But what I’m terrified of, is when I want to reintroduce my body to dairy, sugar, and grains. Will my body reject it? Will I feel as bad as I did yesterday? Will all of this be worth it to figure out what foods are bad for my body?

I don’t want that cramping feeling in my stomach again. It’s not fun. And I can only imagine what my body will do if I eat a slice of pizza following The Whole 30. I see pictures of people going out after their Whole 30 experience like it’s no big deal. Did they have consequences? Someone please tell me your experience. I’m curious, how slowly should I reintroduce myself following The Whole 30?

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