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Missing Breakfast is a like going on a Suicide Mission | Day 5 of the Whole 30

The Whole 30

I woke up late today. Which for most people wouldn’t be a big deal. You could grab a doughnut on the way into work, or a muffin at the supermarket. But on The Whole 30 on day 5, missing breakfast is like going on a suicide mission. I’m left with no resources because I had planned to cook my breakfast, and had I not grabbed a banana and apple, I would have been starved until lunch time.

Luckily, I did have the foresight to grab some pulled pork from the crock pot, which I had made overnight, and an avocado as well as a tomato. Too bad that wasn’t enough to keep my hunger at bay. I’m pretty sure I sprinted to the supermarket on my break to grab what I could get immediately – banana, NAKED juice, and almonds.

All I’ve wanted to do today was rip my hair out and/or go to bed. There’s a shooting pain in my right leg, and I can’t tell if it’s telling me to eat something or that I’m dehydrated. I’m also half sure that my leg has given up and is trying to tell me it wants out of this mess.

Yes, I know I’m complaining. And I thought I was better than this. I’ve also read that it gets better. When? Well, that I’m not sure. But I know Andy can’t wait for me to be normal again. (I’m sorry I yelled, it was the hunger talking, not me. Late night dinner was delicious, thank you for being the adult in the relationship and making food while I was curled up in the corner.)

So that being said, I’m heading to bed. Thank you for bearing with me folks. Tomorrow will be better.

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