Drinking the Kool-Aid at Everproven with Front Squats

Ever have one of those days where you just don’t want to get out of bed? That was today. I had today off. And somehow I decided to plan a Crossfit workout at 9:30 a.m. Turns out, at 8:45 a.m., I was still laying in bed, head stuffed under the pillows, and the blankets curled up around me like a cocoon. I fought the alarm as much as possible.

When I finally did get all the way out of bed, I realized I had to rush to the box, so between yawning and a snack bar, I was pretty much unprepared for working out with Coach Kate. And I think she could tell right off the bat that I wasn’t in the mood to workout, because she immediately sent me back outside to run 400 meters (the cold woke me up a bit) and then row 400 meters (which I pushed through and got my heart beat racing).

After that though, it wasn’t so bad. Probably had something to do with the hip hop and rap blasting through the building. I’m still not quite sure how it went from heavy beats to 90s hits, but I kinda loved it. We had this odd moment when the Backstreet Boys came on while I was working on front squats.

I was kinda of pumped to work on front squats today, though. Since I was sleepy, it was nice to work on weight, instead of running around. The last time I had done front squats, I had maxed out at 55 lbs. Today, I worked my way up to 65 lbs. Yup! So excited. Just have to remember to keep those elbows up so I don’t fall on my butt or lean forward and fall on my face.

But I think the thing I was most concerned about me getting below parallel. When you’re doing squats, you have this idea in your head of what you actually look like. And I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere near the ground, like I was barely getting down. So Kate took a video of me (see above with the awesome 90s music) and showed me that, in fact, I was getting to where I should be, often even lower than what I suspected. Crazy. But sometimes you just need someone to video tape you to know that you can do something. You need to see it for yourself.

Yes, I’m starting to drink the Kool-aid a bit. Starting to like this Crossfit experience a bit more. Little by little I’m getting my confidence up. We’ll see where this leads.


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