Size Is Just A Number & LOFT Riviera Pants

I have a tendency to make fun of some of the prints and patterns that come into LOFT. I like to call them the “ugly items,” things I think no one will buy. And 9 times out of 10 I find I’ve proved myself wrong by simply styling the item.

This is where these LOFT Riviera pants come in. There are a few patterns that I just can’t stand, but these I felt had promise. So much promise that I kept trying to pair them with everything in the store. And the more I was talking to clients about them, the more I was finding I wanted them for myself. The problem was, I didn’t want to buy them in the size I currently am.

When I started Crossfit again, I told myself I couldn’t get any new clothes until I had finally lost the winter weight. But that meant that I had nothing to wear right now and anything new that came into the store, I certainly couldn’t buy. I’m two sizes larger than what I was this time last year, and while that may not seem like a lot, it’s certainly put a damper on shopping for clothes.

I had to actually take some time and have a What Not To Wear moment where I said to myself, “I should be wearing clothes that fit me now, not what I want to be wearing.” Which means I shouldn’t stop myself from shopping just because I’m unhappy with my pant size. And I certainly shouldn’t dream shop and buy sizes I can’t fit into right now.

So, that’s exactly how these pants came home with me. I reminded myself what I tell clients every day, it’s just a size, a number, something to tell the difference between all the other pants in the store. It does not define you. And if these pants don’t fit me in a month or two, then good for me. I can sell them on Poshmark, give them to a friend, or donate them. Either way, I get to wear them now, when I want to be wearing them.

So they kind of came home with me. And I really love them. It’s funny how pants – or any clothing item for that matter – can make you feel a little better about yourself. Sure, the size number on the tag isn’t what I’d like to see, but they fit, and they look good, and they make me feel good about myself.

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