Kick Starting: Motivation and Melaleuca

  “What seems impossible today will one day become your workout.”

That’s one thing that I need to keep telling myself, to keep myself motivated. If you don’t push yourself now, you’ll never find out your true potential. Those burpees that you curse, one day you’ll do double what you’re doing today. And doing crunches won’t feel like torture if you push yourself until you hurt now.

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years is that a real workout makes you hurt. Not like “I broke something” hurt, but the dull pain of your muscles reminding your body that they did something today. They did something they’ve never done before.

I wouldn’t expect to do a pull-up on the first try. But I would expect to have to work for it. In a society where instant gratification seems to appeal to so many, I’ve had to step back quite a lot and say, it’s OK not to be the best on my first try. It’s OK to say that I can’t do something, so long as I try my hardest.

I have class this week with Coach Kate at EverProven and I really have no idea what to expect. It’s been almost a week since my last lesson with her, and I’ll admit, I’m a bit scared that I got lazy in the last week. I’ve eaten poorly, only done minimal working out, and have had no motivation to push myself. The sun was out this weekend, and when I could have gone for a run, I opted to lay around the house. I went outside to soak in the sun for a few minutes, but I didn’t push myself.

And I thought about it. If come July I’m upset with the way I feel or look, then I only have myself to blame. Every day I should be working out, eating healthy, making good decisions. Put down those donuts, go back to Paleo, and remind myself that while I’m human and can make poor diet decisions, I can make good workout decisions, too. Like ordering my Melaleuca Access bars instead of grabbing a cookie or – honestly – nothing at all before a workout. Yes, they taste like candy bars (S’mores flavored), but I’ve found they’re better than any other workout bar I’ve had. I like Clif Bars, but I feel full, not energized. With the Access Bars, they block adenosine and unlocks the body’s ability to turn fat into fuel. Complicated, sure, but in reality, what I get out of it is a burst of energy before and during my workout that keeps me going. And I don’t feel like I’m eating chalk or a gooey mess of peanut butter flavoring.

That’s one simple, little step I’m taking. Trying something that will benefit my workout, and encourage me to get to the gym. So readers, I ask: What are the little things you do to put you in a workout mood?

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