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One of my friends asked if I wanted to go to a morning hip hop class to workout before the New Year. Something about starting to get in shape before we really go at it in the next few months. I agreed to go and was actually pretty excited about it. We walked in and began stretching, waiting for our killer teacher, Myra, to get us into shape. Before I get too far, let me tell you that she is the best instructor, and makes me feel like I’ve just gone through a boot camp workout every time. So when we decided to go to this class, I already knew that I was going to be sweating by the end of it.

Back to the gym. So I have never been to the hip hop class and when Myra told me to put on knee pads, I was a bit confused, but took her instructions and put them on. Then she told me to take out my ponytail and shake out my hair, I was even more confused. Then she told me that we had walked into the last class of the Private Dancer series. I almost died, but my pride kept me in the room. I wasn’t going to walk out. This class is basically an introduction to seductive dance, a little more advanced than just shaking your booty on the dance floor at a dark basement club.

I was fine with the hip shakes. I even rocked it when she had us do this move called “The Betty Boop” where you drop to the floor and get back up. My problem was doing what was equivalent to army moves. She basically had us do a downward dog and then scoop our bodies down until we were on the floor, then go back up and do it again. After four sets, I realized I have no upper body strength.

Made it through 45 of the 60 minutes and then couldn’t do it anymore. We left, defeated, and missed out on the chair routine. (We did sneak in a few Bloody Mary’s and breakfast though, I think we earned it.) But I vow, I will be back, and I will survive. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to complete one of her classes without crying and stay until the end. Wish me luck!
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