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Loft Maxi Dress for Summer

Maxi dresses are the one time I can feel like I dressed up, yet I get to wear a blanket out in public. You heard me right. I’m not only being fashionable, I’m being lazy. They are one of the most comfortable pieces of attire I own, and I seriously cannot get enough of them. Thank goodness they’re in style right now.

Loft Maxi Dress for Summer

And the main event in my closet right now is this LOFT Mitered Stripe Keyhole dress. I might have impulse bought this one, but it’s so soft and honestly I’ve gotten so many compliments already that I’m trying to find another way to weave it into my wardrobe. Possibly layering the top with something else so it looks like a skirt? Hmmmm, time to go shopping again. And if anyone has any “must” maxi dresses that I should check out, let me know! I only have three that I’ve kept since cleaning out my closet and could use some more.


Loft Maxi Dress for Summer

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