Lime Green Shorts And 50% Off Loft

Lime Green Shorts and Teal Top

Shirt | Shorts (Margarita Lime) | Belt

Turns out, I’m up for a challenge. See, at work we have these mannequins. Each week, we take one item and style an entire outfit around it. One day I’ll make an outfit, another day one of the other associates will. One week we had a floral linen tee. So I thought I’d be funny and pull an item that almost everyone walks right by – lime green shorts. To be honest, I don’t really expect many people to pick them up, but maybe this will change their mind. My thought, if we can’t style it, then who would?

And I actually surprised myself with a very quick styling with a Bow Neck Shell and belt. Surprise, it matched. AND ! I have a surprise for you all, today the entire store is 50% off, so my outfit only costs $59.25 today! And I’m working this evening, so stop by and see me. And if you want to save more than 50%, just ask, I’ll tell you how.


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