Young and Hungry Aprons I Need

Being sick and currently self-employed (yes, that’s what I’m calling it), I’ve found a new show on Netflix that I’m obsessed with: Young & Hungry. It’s on the same level of Melissa & Joey, quirky, cute, and awkward. Yes, I’m raving about Young & Hungry, which is like watching my dream job on TV. Food blogger turned personal chef?? I mean, who wouldn’t love to cook for a living?!

Also, I’m obsessed with all the Young and Hungry aprons that Gabi wears. For a character who has no money, she sure has a lot of adorable aprons. I’m been tracking them down, one by one. Anyone else obsessing?!

S1: Episode 7: Young & Secret | Lemon Apron

Young and Hungry Apron Lemon

This is so adorable! While the Sur La Table apron is hard to find, there are a few other lemon aprons that I have to share, too. {Above Apron} {Lemon Apron 2}

S1: Episode 2: Young & Ringless | Denim Apron

Young and Hungry Denim Apron

So cute, and I love that she folded it down so you still see her adorable outfit. The pink buttons are super cute and the ruffles keep it feminine and sweet.
{Above Apron} {Denim Apron 2}

S1: Episode 6: Young & Punchy | Donut Apron

Young and Hungry Donut Apron

An apron so sweet, I could eat it. Quirky, cute, and I can’t love this apron enough. Unfortunately, I can’t find it available anymore. It was available from Paper Source, but I can’t find it. Gahhhh.
{Donut Apron 2}

S1: Episode 3: Young & Lesbian | Polka Dot Apron

Young and Hungry Polka Dot

This is right up my alley. Black, white, red and polka dots! So freakin’ adorable and perfect for either a retro chef or one obsessed with 101 Dalmatians. I believe it’s the same one at¬†Anthropologie (above) with the really cute red ribbon.
{Above Apron} {Polka Dot Apron 2}


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  • Reply Sharleen Shayan January 22, 2021 at 11:37 pm

    Just finished this show. I know im late. Loved it, too! Obsessed with the aprons !

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