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March Madness, I never learn

My office is doing a March Madness bracket. I thought I’d try again, seeing as last year I totally bombed it and figured, hey, I can’t do terrible two years in a row, right? Wrong!

It just started and I’ve already lost both the West and South. Seriously? The only thing keeping me alive right now is the fact that both my finals teams are still in the running. But being in last place, I’m pretty sure there is no coming back from this. So I’m giving up even watching my bracket. Completely. I’d much, much rather sit at home on my computer and shop than watch each choice be digitally scratched out in red and replaced with the actual winning team.

I’d like to say I wouldn’t play again next year, but I know myself. I just can’t say no to the chance to win something. It’s like when I’m at the casino and I’m down to 40 cents and I know I have that last spin left. Do I spin and play the chance, or keep the 40 cents to say I didn’t lose everything. Every single time I spin, hoping to win big.

Meh, I should learn by now.

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