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It’s Official, We’re in Stores – Durham Makery

I’m so excited that I can hardly contain myself! Many of you know that Andy and I have been making candles on the side. This morning, we officially have them for sale in a store, a REAL store! It started when he came home one night with a huge cardboard box, an apology, and the hope that I’d jump on board. Little did he know that my mom and I used to make soap and candles at home on those nights we wanted to be crafty. Which worked perfectly in his favor. I was not mad, I was excited.

What started out as a hobby quickly turned into us trying to make a small business out of it. I found myself at 10 at night asking Andy if we could make a batch or two of soy candles, for fun, not because we had to. And our kitchen quickly was overcome with mason jar-filled soy candles, tins, and large pillar candles. We’ve actually had a really good response from friends, family, and Etsy for our scents. Then, a friend of ours suggested we take a look at The Makery in Durham. It’s this super cute store in downtown Durham that sells locally made jewelry, pillows, cards, soaps, and more. It’s cluttered, but in a home-y kind of way, like your crafty aunt’s house. We went in and fell in love.

We ended up connecting with the owners, who had me come in and show them our candles and scents. They were just as excited as we are about our scents, which made me super excited. Someone else liked our homemade crafty candles! So much so that they are going to be carrying our candles in their store!

They’re also going to be carrying our wooden signs. We only dropped off four so far at the Durham Makery, but my hope is that we can make some from customer suggestions. (I’m never 100 percent sure if everyone else loves the sayings and colors I pick for our reclaimed wooden signs.)

So that’s the big news. We’re selling our candles at The Makery in Durham. Please stop by and check out the shop if you’re at UNH or in downtown Durham!

Our candles online (and more):
Macintosh Apple
Nag Champa
American Lumberjack
Lemon Verbena
New Hampshire Woods
Rain Water
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