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I feel like Ariel


Oh boy! I went through with it. I finally went to a professional and dyed my hair red. I have never, in all my 27 years on this planet ever had my hair professionally dyed. I’m so glad I did though! There is no way I could have gotten this out of a box, and believe me, I’ve tried. My hair is quite finicky.

In the past, my hair has been black, streaked with blue, accidental purple, orange, and even blonde once. (Yes, Mom, I will NEVER forget our trip to Hawaii when we thought a box of Platinum Blonde hair dye was a good idea.) So when I decided about 8 months ago (yes, it took me that long) to dye my hair red, I started at Pinterest. And it turns out, that almost every pin I picked had red hair – sometimes fire engine red, sometimes a light pink, often a burgundy. Always a shade of red.

And when I got a gift card for Christmas to see my friend Alyssa at InsideOut Studio in Dover, it just had to happen. So I started with a plan of not backing down and getting a light shade and pointed to the brightest non-orange red on the color map at the salon, a shade called Ruby. My only limitation: Don’t make me look like Ronald McDonald.

So Alyssa and I started with this:


And by the time she was ready to wash out all the color, she looked like she had killed something in the sink (see below). Also, bless her soul, she has pink hands for a few days because of me.


But the result was way better than I expected. I feel like a mermaid (in a good way) and kinda a rebel all at the same time. Ready to conquer the world, because in two days, I’m turning a year older! New hair, new year, new me! Crazy in love with the red. Thank you, Alyssa!


Hair by Insideout Studio owner Alyssa Vachon: Facebook or Website

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    I love it! Looks amazing 🙂

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