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You are the Monica Geller of Your Group When

I am Monica Geller. Yup, I freak out about little things, I like when the house is clean, and I love cooking. I’ve always kind of known this. So when Friends came back on Netflix, all I wanted to do was watch every episode of the show with Andy. Which meant, that first, I had to get Andy to watch Friends.

Turns out, it wasn’t as hard as it seemed, all I had to do was get him to listen to Chandler’s jokes a few times and he was hooked. He thought Chandler’s jokes were funny, probably because they’re the same kind of jokes he tells all the time. (Now Andy is pretty sure he’s Chandler, which ultimately makes sense if I’m Monica.) It wasn’t too hard for me to figure out why I’m Monica, I just had to have the same personality traits as her, like accepting that:

1. You’re Over-Competitive

Monica Geller


Yes, Monica has a tendency to be a little over-competitive: Thanksgiving football games, allegedly throwing a plate during Pictionary (“rules help control the fun”), and gambling away an apartment because she thought she knew her friends better than they knew her.

2. A Compulsive Cleaner

Monica Geller

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a clean house/apartment, is there? Sometimes the ceiling really does need to be Swiffer-ed, and the vacuum cleaner needs to be dusted.

Ask Andy, who has found me at 2 a.m. doing dishes, washing down the counters, and reorganizing the bedroom because I cannot sleep. I have my random spurs where everything will be a disaster (read as Monica’s secret closet), but overall I get antsy quickly when things seem (to me at least) to be out of order.

3. Have a Tendency to Take Charge


Perhaps it’s just having a type A personality. Or wanting everything to go exactly right, because let’s be real, no one is going to get it right, you just have to do it yourself. Or micromanage.

4. Because You’re Always Right



Like I said, Type A personality.

5. But You’re A Really Good Friend


And will bring over the wine and margaritas for a girl’s night to talk about anything. Even if it seems silly.



6. And Put Their Needs First


When a friend needs your help, a shoulder to cry on, even a favor, you’re there. No questions asked.

7. You Have a Bit of a Temper



But only when something really horrific has happened….


8. And Let’s Not Forget, You’re an Excellent Dancer




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