Tone It Up – Should I?

Let’s be honest, despite all the body  positivity going on out there, I’m still uncomfortable in my skin and continuously searching for a program or class that will make me feel better about myself. Running worked for me for a long time, but I need a strong running partner or else I get into a rut. And Crossfit is great, but when I can’t make a class, I really feel like I’m missing out on workouts. And I’m not comfortable going to open gym because I really don’t know what to do on my own for Crossfit. There’s no treadmills, what is a girl to do?

So that’s where Tone It Up comes in. My friend Jocelyn keeps mentioning it to me. She keeps wanting me to join the Bikini Series, which honestly, I’ve been hesitant to do since I’m already doing Crossfit. Why do two programs at a time?

And then it all made sense. If I can’t make a Crossfit class, why am I stuck to sitting at home doing nothing or spending 20 minutes contemplating if I should go to run only to skip it. So I watched one of their videos and gave it a try. So I tried the Bikini Abs (see below) workout. (As a sidenote: let’s just say I’m not a huge advocate for workout videos because I know they’re an easy way to pretend to do a workout if you don’t give it your all.)

Anyway, I did it, and was surprised at how intense it was for a mini workout. It was also over in no time. So I put on their HIITy Bitty Bikini workout (a HIIT workout). Folks, I’m feeling the burn.

I have not looked into the whole program, which I know includes a food program as well. So I’m asking you all, what do you think about the Bikini Series. Anyone out there who has done it and can give me some insight? Is it really all it’s cracked up to be, and is it something I can do while doing Crossfit?

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