Bucket List: Double Unders

I looked at the scoreboard after last night’s class and my jaw dropped. 10 rounds? 11 rounds? I completed 5, almost made it to my sixth round and felt accomplished. Had I not tripped on my jumprope a few times, I’m sure I could have finished the remaining 68 jumps to mark a 6 not a 5 down, plus reps.

How in the world did they do it? They must be gods. I was racking my brain until I realized: double unders. They really do save so much time. Where others in class only have to do 30 double unders, the rest of us are trying to get out 90 singles. 90!

I hear horror stories about training for double unders: whip marks, jumping too low, jumping too high, not flicking your wrist enough. I’ve only ever completed a handful of double unders, not in sequence, and certainly not very well. Most of them I think were an accident.

So in addition to trying to master a handstand pushup, I’m adding double unders to my bucketlist. Anyone who wants to practice with me, let me know. I’m going to need some encouragement.

I’ve been watching videos online on how to do a double under, too:

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