Red & Green Holiday Style


Scalloped Green Dress | Similar Red Scarf | Black Pumps

I am not a girly, girl. I know I put up a good fight and sport dresses (and I think they are adorable), but when it comes to dressing up for a party, I honestly put up a mental fight to get into something that I’m comfortable in. I have to be both mentally prepared as well as feel physically well in the outfit. This is probably why I rarely own a pair of dress pants. They never fit right and I’m always complaining that they accentuate my broad hips (probably great for the day I decide to breed, bad for skinny dress pants).

So when I started playing around with an idea for a holiday outfit, this dress caught my eye. It was green, my favorite color. It was lace, but not over done. And It covered my chest, so it was work/holiday party appropriate.

And then, I spotted this scarf. A red gem of plaid sitting in the corner of the store. It’s like it was meant for me. And yes, I paired the two together, as much as you might think I’m crazy. Yes, a thick knitted scarf to go over this delicate green, lace dress. But you see, I think it’s a perfect red and green holiday outfit. Not to showy, feminine, and warm when I need to be.

I adore it. And I’m on a mission to find more red and green holiday outfits. So who’s with me? Share your looks, I’m excited to see what you guys are all wearing this season!


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