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I’m obsessed. Obsessed with PoshMark, a site where you can buy and sell clothes. As many of you know, I’ve been selling clothes for a long time, but never have I found such good deals on name brands as I do here.

And I have to share my first purchase. This adorable double necklace. (I also received two sets of adorable shower curtain hooks, and a bomb plaid sweatshirt jacket.) the best part, after all the deals, a price drop with a bundle by the seller, and referral codes, I only paid $2. Right?!

First, let me explain a bundle. Items cost $4.99, which the buyer pays for. But to save money, sellers will often “bundle” items, meaning if you buy more than one item, they’ll ship it as one item to save you shipping.

And for the referral codes, you get $5 when you sign up with one (use code BXBDS for mine) and your referrer will also get $5.

So you can get nice items for a great deal. Sometimes sellers also give other deals (like right now my closet is buy one item, get one free for December.

Let me know if you see anything you like in my closet, follow me on Facebook (click here) and I’ll make a deal if you buy multiple items.

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