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I’m Back, For a Bit

Sorry for the week long disappearance. I swear I’m back, well, at least for a little bit. I’m dreaming of this year’s trip to Moosehead, Maine. A week of no cell service, minimal WiFi, days on the boat, and just plain relaxing with friends. This summer is actually turning out to be one of the best in a long time, despite all the big changes in my life. Pieces are falling into place, I’m less crazy feeling, and I still have so much to look forward to doing.

I’ll get back on the blogging for you all this week and next week, whip up a few more recipes, and let you know what’s going on in the workout world. Comment below and let me know what kind of dishes you’d like to see me cook.

Until next time, here’s a peek into the world of Moosehead. Can’t wait!!

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